Managed IT Services

"Today all infrastructure is managed remotely. No one's ever sitting inside your data center anyway, even if it is in your basement. Admins are working from a different building or a different city or, if it's a weekend, logging on from home”. Remote infrastructure management is something that virtually every organization does every single day. But people somehow think there's a material difference if that work is done offshore." But managing something from basement or from home or from any other country is just an extension of the services now a days.

In fact, the offshore delivery of infrastructure management services—from network services and help desk support to server maintenance and desktop management—is becoming more mainstream.

Today, for traditional, large global outsourcers, less than 5 percent of revenue from infrastructure outsourcing is derived from services delivered from an offshore location back into North America or Western Europe, says Kurt Potter, research director for Gartner. But experts say that offshore take is growing at 20 percent to 30 percent annually, as global IT services providers amp up their offshore delivery capabilities and CIOs look to cut infrastructure costs. 

Going forward AMPRAN is equipped with all the best infrastructure to provide support and services to their offshore customers located in different geographical region of the world. Using our managed network service knowledge, expertise, and skill we enable your organization to fully understand the impact of new technologies and services for LAN, WAN, and WiFi networks. We offer end-to-end LAN, WAN, and WiFi network management - from the data center right through to network endpoints.

With the emergence of new virtualized technologies, Local Area Networks(LAN) have experienced a major upheaval in recent years - gone are the days when a Local Area Network was a static environment. Today, AMPRAN is at the cutting-edge of understanding, applying, and managing new emerging technologies and services. We offer customers a cost-leadership or differentiated offering or can deliver a combination of both.

Because today we understand, design, deploy and manage Virtual Edge technologies for a wide range of clients. We understand the pitfalls and issues around the technology and can help your organisation not make expensive mistakes whilst trying to move to virtualised technologies.

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